Songwriters in the Valley

Musicians Who Care - Songwriters in the Columbia Valley
Our latest project is an album titled Songwriters in the Valley , and it features 22 tracks written and performed by local musicians. This double album of quality music is even more remarkable in that it comes from a resident population of only 10,000 people. The album features some amazingly talented writer/performers, from as young as 13, to seasoned musicians in their late 60s; who all combine to make this an eclectic and engaging listen. Songwriters in the Valley is available for digital purchase.

This video features the first song on Songwriters in the Valley TAKE ME THERE by Ben Cameron.


Invermere is planning a new community centre with a performing arts component.
50% of the proceeds of this project will help to provide a state of the art sound system for this facility. The other 50% of the proceeds will benefit the music community in the valley through scholarships, grants and various other funding initiatives of the Windermere Valley Musicians Who Care.